Gooey sweet potato brownies

Gooey sweet potato brownies

No sugar, no butter, no flour! This is crazy!

20 min, prep
15 min, cook

Nutrition per piece

  • Calories128
  • Protein3
  • Carbs19
  • Fat4
  • Sat1
  • Fibre3


Kitchen tips

For a perfect texture it's important that the tray is removed from the oven before the mixture dries out. Push a sharp knife into the middle of the batter, if the knife comes out with a little bit of the mixture then it's ready.


  1. 1

    Pre-heat oven to 180oC and put a pan of water on the hob and bring to boil. Line a 6 inch tin with grease proof paper.

  2. 2

    Peel the sweet potato and cut into chunks. Place them in the boiling water and cook for 10 minutes until soft.

  3. 3

    Drain the sweet potatoes and mash until somewhat smooth. Add the sweet potato, dates and peanut butter to a food processor and blend until the mixture is completely combined (5 mins).

  4. 4

    Add the apple and the egg to the processor and combine.

  5. 5

    Add the cocoa powder and combine. When done, tip the mixture into a large bowl and fold in the chocolate chips.

  6. 6

    Pour into the lined tray and bake for 15 minutes. When done, insert a sharp knife into the middle. If the knife comes out with a little bit of batter then it's done.

  7. 7

    Leave to cool in the dish for 20 minutes then transfer to a wire rack for a further 20 minutes.