We list our essential items for living a healthy lifestyle.


1. Good set of sharp kitchen knives

To ensure I eat healthily and know exactly what is going into my food, I do a lot of cooking at home and a sharp set of knives allows me to work faster, safer, and happier. There’s nothing worse that hacking away at a meat joint with a blunt knife! Stressful!

Sharp knives require less force meaning you can slice and dice a lot quicker and also delicate ingredients like herbs will suffer less damage when cut. Ultimately if you’re going to spend a lot of time cooking then it’s worth investing in a quality set that will last you for years.

2. A sturdy gym bag

I have to transport a lot of equipment in my gym bag (change of clothes, towel, shaker, shoes, lifting belt, notebook, food, water, padlock, money etc) so a sturdy gym bag is a must. Look for a bag with very strong clips on the end of the straps and a well-padded shoulder pad. Try and avoid bags which have velcro pockets, always go for zips as these are stronger and won’t distort under weight.

Remember that if you’re going to be using the bag every day then it’s worth investing a bit of extra cash into a quality bag.


3. Smartshaker

I picked up a smart shake from a distributor at my gym 4 years ago and I can’t imagine using anything else. The extra compartments allow me to take an entire days worth of protein with me to gym and work without resorting to tupperware for a few portions of protein. The size of the shaker without the compartments attached is ideal and can fit into many smaller bags.

Make sure you clean it straight after using though as we all know how much protein shake smells when its left!

4. Tupperware 

In my book if you haven’t got a big collection of tupperware, you can’t be serious about eating healthily. Cooking healthy meals in bulk and then freezing them is one of the best things you can do for a healthy lifestyle as it takes away the stress of planning and cooking food everyday. 

Make sure you clean these thoroughly too or they will stain and smell and also make sure you check to see if they are microwave friendly.

5. A dedicated friend

Being dedicated to a healthy lifestyle can be hard at the best of times and if you are surrounded by people who don’t appreciate the work you are trying to put in, it can cause you to lose your focus. Having a good friend who shares your beliefs and goals makes achieving those goals 100x easier. 

When you find these people, hang on to them.


1. Wok

My life can be pretty hectic and I always feel like I am pushed for time. Although I usually have my meals planned out, sometimes I find that I just haven’t had time to prep lunch and dinner and when I am tired I want something that is quick, easy and healthy; so my go-to dish is always stir fry and obviously you can’t have a proper stir fry without a wok! 

Having a big, good quality wok means that you can cook in bulk and don’t end up with half of your food stuck to the pan (providing you don’t burn it!) and its so much easier to cook the vegetables to the perfect crispness without them becoming soggy.

2. Fitted trainers

Professionally fitted trainers are probably the best fitness item I could have invested in! When I run I know that the impact is cushioned easing pressure on my joints and the structure of the shoe means that any incorrectness in my gait is counteracted to give me the best possible footfall pattern. If your fitness routine involves impact at all, even if it is cross training (lots of jumping!) or possibly just 10 minutes on the treadmill, do yourself and your body a favour and get some good quality, fitted trainers.

Be warned though, they can be  expensive! 


3. A stocked fridge

This is so important for me, my will power isn’t great at the best of times so if I come home and there is nothing in the fridge a dinner of biscuits does seem incredibly tempting! I always make sure there is enough in the fridge for at least two different meals just in case. 

My top tip for avoiding ‘empty fridge syndrome’ is to have specific shopping days and have your meals planned out so you know exactly what you are going to eat.

4. Big water bottle

I drink a lot of water when I’m working out, a lot. I used to take an old volvic litre bottle with me for workouts but a) it was pretty bulky and difficult to carry around and b) it was pretty flimsy and ended up leaking! 

I’ve since invested in an inexpensive but sturdy water bottle and haven’t looked back since. Hydration is so important, don’t scrimp with a tiny bottle.

5. Pumped up playlist

I can’t do anything without some kind of background noise whether its revision, work or exercise!


These are our essentials for a healthy lifestyle but what are yours? We'd love to hear from you if you've got anything to add to the list!