The loved up season, followed closely by pancake day can often mean that temptation gets the better of us whether it’s the promise of chocolates, meals out or snuggly nights in eating ice cream covered, full fat pancakes.

With this in mind IRONraspberry has teamed up with our friends over at Toogoods Bootcamp and Personal Training and we are running a Go No Sugar campaign where we are challenging YOU to cut refined and added sugar from your diet for 30 days. No one is going to deny that this is going to be tough and it will take at least two weeks for your cravings to subside but when you start to see the benefits it will all be worth it.

But Why?

Refined sugar is a problem because you don’t just find it in chocolate, junk food and fizzy drinks. It’s added to almost every prepared food we eat including staples like cereals, yogurts and baked beans. Sugar makes your immune system less effective and creates a strong inflammatory response throughout the body.

1. Weight loss

By refusing to fuel your body on empty sugar calories you make way for wholesome, viable calories that nurture your body. You will be less hungry and your insulin production won’t be working over time which means that you will begin to lose weight. More specifically, and more importantly, you will begin to lose fat.

2. Increased energy levels

When your blood sugar levels are stable you don’t experience the post-insulin sugar crashes that result in fatigue. Less sugar in your diet helps to keep your energy high especially if you participate in regular exercise.

3. Better skin

The inflammation from a high-sugar diet makes your skin prone to unsightly pimples, eczema, and other breakouts. Sugar also damages collagen, causing your skin to become stiffer and less elastic. The more sugar you eat, the more tissue damage you cause and the more wrinkles you get. Staying away from sugar is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

4. You’ll learn to cook differently and save money

Naturally you'll be cooking more because it's incredibly challenging eating out or ordering in on a sugar detox since you have less control of what goes into the meals. This translates into an expansion of your culinary repertoire and competence in the kitchen. Cooking at home is also a lot easier on your purse strings.



We will be here to help every step of the way with recipes and tips to keep you on the sugar-free path to health. Your challenge starts today - are you ready?