In the grand scheme of your daily calorie intake this little bar is pretty damn good, it tastes amazing and at only 270 calories you get a solid 20 grams of protein. This bar is dense and incredibly filling which leaves you feeling satisfied and not like you’ve thrown away calories on something that isn’t going to keep you from craving something sweet because it’s not releasing enough energy.

The Builder’s Bar has got a great crispy base and a chewy top layer which contrasts really well, and to top it off, the whole thing is dipped in a really thin layer of chocolate. But be careful - this layer will definitely melt if it gets warm so keep it at room temperature. It’s really sweet and tastes a bit like a Snickers bar, so if you have a sweet tooth it will definitely float your boat and will provide a much better nutritional hit than a chocolate bar. 

Price wise, you can pick up 12 packs of these bars for £14-£18 on ( is more expensive!) which comes in around £1.50 a bar. All pre-made protein bars are expensive but if you want to be economical why not make your own and try one of our recipes? You can find our favourite protein bars here 

For a meal replacement or energy bar, which aren’t aimed at a low-calorie diet, we usually look for a 30/50/20 split between protein, carbs and fat so this bar does well on macros. Big tick in that box.

However, it's the ingredients that let this protein bar down. 20g of protein is a generous amount when you compare it to other protein bars available but we would have liked to have seen a whey protein source in the ingredients list instead of soy. Unfortunately some of the main ingredients are sugar based - the bar is quite sickly sweet so we questioned whether all of this sugar was necessary, but that does make it pretty delicious!

If you are just looking for a quick protein hit, a refuel after training or in the middle of a climbing session, then this is a great option for you. however, if you’re an athlete wanting maximum nutrition and efficiency from your diet or just generally looking more closely at ingredients maybe give this one a miss as there are other protein bars out there that have a cleaner ingredients list.