Our story is probably exactly the same as yours...just with different character names.

We have always been food lovers, Piers grew up in a small town in Cornwall and has a lot of fond memories of his mum's cooking, which he will talk about for hours if you ever ask him! After graduating from university Piers became fascinated with the way that our bodies use food as fuel, specifically to build muscle. Combining fuel-value and taste in dishes has become a life's passion for Piers and because of his naturally organised personality (big fan of spreadsheets and numbers) he's the go to guy for macro calculation and creating recipe instructions that work. Every time. He's also quite good at lifting heavy things up and putting them down again.

Abi's memories of her mum's cooking are less rosey and because of this her cooking style is much more experimental, she can often be found adding extra ingredients to dishes, which Piers finds quite stressful. Like Piers, Abi's interest in eating well stared when she graduated from university, after realising that her weight had crept up to nearly 15 stone (210 pounds)! She's still somewhat of a newbie to the clean and lean lifestyle but is willing to turn her hand to anything, including beetroot chocolate cake. She also likes horses and giraffes. A lot.